Icons For Friends

These are user icons that I made for my LiveJournal Friends. Some of them are plays on usernames, some are photos that resonated with me for one reason or another when thinking about the person in question. Some of them depict an interest or a characteristic that I've noticed. I put a lot of thought into each of them, however some people were obviously much easier than others to find images for. If you want to know why I chose the symbol or image that I did, you are welcome to ask. :) Hold the mouse over each image to see the LJ username of my friend. The icons are arranged in alphabetical order by username. Noone is under any obligation to use these icons on their journal. :)
185 albatrossity alcesalces ankylosaurusy anniz baba_studio
big_bubba blanche_ blue_eyed_girl blueberrymoon boxofdelights burningdiamond
cap_killer carrieb castallia circebleu courtesy crimsonkitty
d3katja darcymcgowan dbrus doggereler e11en enaid
esmecat etenebris galestorm geenaoutloud gissa gnostraeh
helloheather hereticalpigeon hi_from_sheryl hipstomp ibyi idahoswede
inblackink inflammatio into_the_blue jasmine_o jema jes6ica
kimbis kissekat kvinna ladyjaneblue lisalou lonita
megancrane miss_hand montfort nannergo natooke nutmeggie
nyckelpigan obsidienne orangepoppy ozswede paprikas paradisecowgirl
pastaqueen pegkerr petitebourgeois purrthecat redpirk reebert
same_sky sari shazzerlive slxception somebodystrange stephbairey
studiozoe swingtime tallefjant thelala therealshedork thesidhe
thinkum torleif totte travelertrish twistedbunny verian
vraptorz wruf